Welcome to Indie Gaming Social

Indie Gaming Social is a joint project between two indie game fans.  It was born out of a chance discussion and started as a plan for a Facebook group and has grown to also include the website, a Discord server and a Youtube channel.

We hope to cover a wide range of games from smaller and indie developers, which will include a mix of early access and fully released titles.  The plan is that we can give some of these games the exposure they deserve and bring together indie gamers and developers.  There will be times where we may cover bigger games, or games not strictly considered indie depending on releases and what interests us at the time.

On the site we will have a variety of informational/opinion pieces, early access impressions and reviews of fully released games.  You can find these by clicking the relevant categories in the site menu.  The articles there are listed in reverse chronological order by publication date and there may be multiple articles for some games.


Rather than a star or numerical system we use the following ratings for early access impressions and reviews:

Buy it Now : Fairly self explanatory.  We feel the game represents good value for money at the base price (at time of writing).

Download It : Where a mod or workshop item is reviewed, or the game is free to play and we feel it deserves the storage space on your hard drive we will use this.

Support The Devs : The game is free to play but there is a route to support the devs financially (through the itch.io pay what you want model or DLC which adds an acceptable amount of content) we think you should throw some cash in the devs direction.

Wait for a Sale/Wait for Updates : The game is good, however at the time or writing it was felt that the base price was too high.  For fully released games these will geta 'Wait for a Sale' rating, 'Wait for Updates' will be used in the same scenario for early access games where we see the potential.

Leave It : The game has more cons than pros.   These could be graphical, gameplay or performance but we don't recommend this game.

About the Staff

Parcival : Parcival is a Scottish gamer in his mid-30's.  Since mid 2018 I have been writing articles and reviews about indie games on my own website (this content is gradually being migrated to this site).  These articles have all been migrated into Indie Gaming Social and will be marked as originally published by Parcival Plays.  My life in gaming started one Christmas in the early 1980's where we got a Commodore 64.  I moved from this to an Amiga 1200, Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii and Xbox360, although PC gaming has always featured in my repertoire too.  For the past few years I have also supported a number of indie developers with pre-release testing and community moderation.

Orang3robot :  Orang3robot is an English gamer in his early 40’s. The other half of Indie Gaming Social, not as eloquent as Parcival, I mainly enjoy the playing to the writing. Although I am looking forward to creating some video’s and sharing everything that we do. I have been a gamer from a very young age, my first computer was a Vic20 then a Commodore 64 which I had for many years, then moving onto Amstrad PC’s, for a few years then a quick burst on the Nintendo Gameboy and then to better and better PC’s. There was a short time with a Sega Dreamcast, it was very short-lived. Preferring PC’s and playing loads of Shareware/Freeware games igniting the love I have now of Indie games. I do have an Xbox and a Wii, but my main love is the PC.

Disclaimer: All information correct at time of writing, due to the nature of game development features and prices reported in articles are subject to change.  There may be times where we receive a free copy of a game in order to provide a review, this will be made clear in the opening lines of any article.
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