Fresh Out of the Oven: Bake The Perfect Loaf in TraptionBakery

TraptionBakery Overview

TraptionBakery is a new game from Proper Bostin for Windows.  With nothing but a mysterious message saying that all the bakers have called in sick, you must learn how to operate the bakery and produce a loaf of bread for the local orphanage.  Big thankyou goes to the developer who kindly supplied a key for the game. 

At its' core this is simply a puzzle game, however it is far from simple to complete.  You are faced with a factory with various upcycled elements which form the machinery to allow you to bake the loaf.  At first it may not be obvious of what to do but as you click on the screen your camera view will pan and zoom automatically (although you can turn this off).  As you zoom in you will notice that some parts of the picture turn blue, these can then be clicked to activate a part of the machine. 

TraptionBakery Grain Delivery
Grain being delivered to the bakery
Your first approach will be just to find the clickable elements and see what they do, and how they affect the rest of the factory, remember that you will need to adjust your zoom level to access different clickable elements.  Try to work out what a lever will do before you click it by following the pipes and cables, use the soundscape to help you work out what's happening and keep an eye out for clues written on the various pieces of equipment. 

Once you have worked out how the individual elements work it's time to try and put that all together.  Working out what affects the other aspects and how they all work together to ultimately make the loaf of bread.  This can be frustrating at times due to the requirement to zoom in to find the clickable elements.  I feel that the game would benefit from having some sort of map or overview on the screen so that you can work out what is happening slightly easier. 

The Headless Helter Skelter, but what is its' role?
My other two points are that there are no instructions included within the game, it's very much click and see what happens, although there is a hint guide on the developers website (accessible by clicking on the view manual button on the Steam Store page) and that the game only has a windowed mode with no options for full screen or borderless windowed mode. 

For me the most joy came from exploring the bakery in detail and discovering all the little easter eggs hidden within it.  There are countless references and jokes hidden within scene ranging from the obvious and outlandish, like a recycled Dalek as the grain hopper, to the slightly more subtle like the giant salt shaker from the Jack and the Beanstalk props department.  Finding these jokes almost became a separate hidden objects game as there is so much to discover. 

A familiar icon, upcycled for the factory
This isn't a game which I could see myself sitting at for hours trying to get the solution but rather picking up when I have 15 minutes spare here and there, or when I can't decide what else to play but is quirky, different and fun.  At only £3.99 the game is worth a look if you are into your puzzles and lateral thinking, or just want something you can dip in and out of to pass some time.

TraptionBakery is out now on Steam priced at £3.99/€3.99/$4.99.

Fresh Out of the Oven: Bake The Perfect Loaf in TraptionBakery Fresh Out of the Oven: Bake The Perfect Loaf in TraptionBakery Reviewed by Parcival on October 01, 2020 Rating: 5

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