Parkitect Mods: Textured Path Covers and Foliage Essentials Review

This week I am doing something slightly different and instead of reviewing a game, I am looking at a workshop item from a game I have reviewed previously.  I first looked at Parkitect back in November of 2018 when it transitioned from early access to a 1.0 release.  My review for that can be read here.  This week I've decided to look at two specific mods available from the Steam Workshop for the game, Foliage Essentials and Textured Path Covers.

Both of these mods have been provided by an extremely active member of the Parkitect community (and moderator of the official Discord server) Maxfreak.  They have been made to give much greater freedom in player creativity in the game and add a massive number of new items to the game for you to use in your parks.

The Textured Path Covers mod adds a whopping 50 new textures for your paths!  These are broken down into 48 unique textures, with 2 of these having a lit and unlit variant.  As these are scenery items rather than actual paths, placing them on the ground will not allow the guest pathing AI to recognise these.  What Maxfreak has done, however, is to make these items the equivalent size of a single grid square in the game.  Using the left Alt key whilst placing will then snap the covers to the grid and allow you to accurately place them over paths.

All of the path covers in the build menu.  Simply place these on top of existing paths to change the texture
When the game only contains 9 path styles (not including staff and queue pathing) this greatly increases to opportunities and I can immediately think of certain applications for a number of these - for example the mossy bricks and tiles would be ideal in a Mayan temple type area.  The pieces are also not restricted to use only on paths of course.  You can place these on top of terrain to change the textures, which would allow you to create large paved areas, but control where staff and guests can watch, or perhaps you wanted a section of your park to be through a forest.  For this you could use one of the path covers for the area the path will take, and use the darker grass cover or the 'glowing mushrooms' cover for the forest floor away from the paths.

Moving on to the Foliage Essentials pack this is an absolutely huge addition to the game.  Maxfreak has taken a number of assets (credited within the Workshop page for the mod) and done a lot of work to make these fit Parkitect.  This includes scaling the objects and tweaking the textures to give them the visual appearance that they belong within the game.  In total this pack adds 516 (at the time of writing) new trees, bushes and plants to the existing 109 in the base game.  For the purposes of this calculation the Taste of Adventure DLC was not taken into account.  Having nearly 5 times more items, obviously allows for more customisation, and variance, in your parks.

A small selection of the over 500 plants and trees in the Foliage Essentials Pack
As you scroll through you will see that, like the Textured Path Covers mod, some of these are colour variations of the same items.  This is due to technical limitations which have meant that, despite the best efforts of the creator, it hasn't been possible to make these recolourable like their 'official' conterparts, however, this is still a massive range to choose from.  They have an amazing level of detail to them, and he has even managed to mimic the sway of the trees in the breeze which the base game objects have.   As with the path covers, I can see these being used to make huge differences in the way people make their parks and seeing the difference in some before and after shots of Maxfreak's own parks show how more dynamic the parks can become with the addition of these items.

I deem both of these mods as 'must-haves' for any fans of the game who are struggling to get the level of variation in their parks that they would like.  Maxfreak is also working on more options to bring further customisation to the game, including rocks and modular cliffs, in another pack called Scenery Essentials, however this is not yet available and he has not yet given an indication on when this will be available for download.

Path covers mod during the day

Path covers mod at night to show the two lit path variants of the circuits and glowing mushroom paths at the bottom of image

Guests walking on some of the path covers, note the area of soil path covers with no path underneath preventing guests from walking on them

Some more of the Foliage Essentials

A small selection of the foliage essentials (shown on the right) alongside some of the 'vanilla' trees

'Vanilla' firs and pines (shown on left) alongside their foliage essentials counterparts

Maxfreaks Zephyrwood park - Top: Vanilla assets Bottom: With Foliage Essentials

You can grab the Textured Path Covers and Foliage Essentials packs from the Steam Workshop now.

Parkitect Mods: Textured Path Covers and Foliage Essentials Review  Parkitect Mods: Textured Path Covers and Foliage Essentials Review Reviewed by Parcival on May 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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