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This week we are taking a look forward to a game that is still in development and having a first look at Road To Your City.  Given that the game has not yet reached an early access state, some of this information may change closer to release.  The game will be released for Windows, MacOS and Linux in 2019 with a Kickstarter campaign launching January 14.

The game is being developed by German indie Yheeky Games, and will be their first release on Steam.  Road To Your City started life in 2014 and all development has been done by a single developer in his spare time.

L to R: The evolution of a fire station from early concept in Inkscape to current model in Blender
The game is a 2D-isometric city builder (I do love my isometric 2D games!) with a twist - not only do you need to make your city somewhere appealing to live, but also allow your citizens to engage with their favourite past-time, football.  The game has also been built in it's own engine, which has been developed over the past four years.

A training session taking place in the rain
Whilst you are developing a city with a successful football team, and managing how that affects your city, you won't spend hours getting trapped in the minutiae of building a team, training and playing about with tactics.  In this game you will have a less direct influence of the football aspect by building training grounds, stadia and managing your city to satisfy the needs of your citizens.  You will have to, of course, manage match day challenges too - how do you get the away fans into and around your city, and how do you separate home and away fans to prevent riots?

Placing a hospital, showing the area of effect
When you start out, you have a blank map and must first decide where your city will connect to the mysterious highways, like the older SIMCity games, and place your mayors house.  Once you have got these essentials in place, you can begin to develop your city.  Your initial task is to build housing for your potential citizens, however without jobs these will lie empty.  Unlike other city builders it isn't just a case of throwing down some commercial and industrial zoning and hoping for the best.  In Road To Your City you must build workplaces and assign the number of jobs available.

A hospital and fire station shown without assigned jobs (L) and with assigned jobs (R)
You will also need to reach certain milestones with your city to allow you to access more features.  This is done through applying for funding.  These will have an initial cost to apply for, but will give a much greater reward if successful.  If you are awarded the grant, this will also open up further avenues for developing your city, or your soccer team.  The first grant you are likely to want to apply for is to found your football club once you have at least 10 children living in your city, as these will become your first players.

The funding application screen showing in progress, available and unavailable grants.  Available grants also show a percentage probability of acceptance
Once you have established your club, you will need to ensure that you are providing suitable facilities.  Without training grounds, you won't be able to develop your team resulting in demotions.  You will also need to develop your players stating from the 'mini' team and working up through the juniors to your first team.  Meeting the needs of your citizens and players will result in promotions to higher leagues, and with it new buildings you can unlock.

A training session in progress
The game is currently in an alpha phase with a (very) small closed alpha currently in progress, with a release window yet to be specified but hopefully entering early access later this year.  The game has certainly grabbed my attention and will be very much on my radar looking forward through 2019.

You can get some more information by following the devblogs on IndieDB and also the devvlogs on YouTube.  You can also join the community on Discord where you can also chat directly with the developer.

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