Eden Rising: Supremacy (Game Changer Update) - Early Access Review

A couple of months have passed since we first took a look at Eden Rising and there hasn't been much in the way of patches.  Today that changes with a massive update which they have dubbed the 'game changer' update.  This update takes almost every system in the game including crafting, combat and siege rewards and completely revamps them.  The game now plays a bit differently and I'll hopefully manage to cover as many of these changes as possible in the article.

Main Menu

As soon as you load the game you can see that changes have been made.  The main menu has had a redesign with a new background and the hint of a new UI.  It's now easier to start a single player game using the new Solo Game button.  This sets up (or continues) a new single player game with one click.  You can have up to 3 single player saves at any one time and can switch between these using the Switch Profile button in the bottom right.  This takes you to a screen where you can see each of the save slots with your character displayed to help you remember which is which.  Also on the main menu screen is a Multiplayer button, although you can add your friends to a single player game while it is in progress if you wish.

A cave gorgon triggers the new laser lance turret in the tutorial
Warden Rock

After the opening sequence added a couple of updates ago, you arrive on the Warden Rock.  Even if you have played the game I highly recommend redoing the tutorial as it introduces some of the changes and has had a drastic makeover.  Gone is the small round island where you just climb to the top of the hill and we now have a substantial area of gameplay. 

Initially is a similar movement orientation and basic combat introduction.  This also introduces a new type of monster and aspect to the combat.  We now have shielded enemies.  The shielded medusa which features prominently during the tutorial have a hard calcified front, giving them a lot of armour.  To defeat these you will need to attack from behind to reach their weak spot.  You will also get an attack bonus (shown by the damage being displayed in an orange colour rather than white) if you hit this weakspot precisely.  This section also introduces dodging.  For those who have played before the big difference here is that you can now dodge mid-attack.  This makes the combat feel a lot more fluid and less of a turn-based system where you are locked into an attack.  I feel this is particularly beneficial when using a bident due to the long animation for the triple-stab section of the chained attack.


The crucibles have had some BIG changes and are probably the main reason I would say to do the tutorial.  We now have a new crucible called the Warden Rock crucible which makes up part of the new tutorial island (if you choose to skip the tutorial you will spawn into the world just in front of this crucible).

The Warden Rock crucible
The actual process of completing a siege has remained largely unchanged, save the refinements to the combat system, new monsters and new weapons.  The two main changes relate to the minimap and siege timer.  The minimap has had some redesign making it a bit more useful.  It has been increased in size making it easier to see, but you can also easily see which lanes are active for the current siege.  The changes to the timer mean that rather than having a set time such as 2 minutes for the siege before the crucible starts to take damage, your time is based on the monsters which have been killed with more being added for each kill.

What you will notice though is that the rewards screen has been completely revamped.  Instead of the 5 'ranks' you now have 5 'links' which you make within the crucible which contribute to the reboot process.  The rewards for completing the sieges have also changed.  Gone is the essence which have been replaced by nanochips.  Depending on how well you complete the siege (based on remaining time, damage dealt, defences lost and damage to crucible) you will get more nanochips and complete more links (between 1 and 5).  The more links you get, the more higher level sieges you can attempt as they cause the crucible to increase it's tier.

Redesigned siege rewards display
The nanochips play in to the new tech tree system.  Rather than being awarded specific tech after certain sieges, you can now buy new tech using nanochips.  The tech available is dependant on the tier of the crucible, your available nanochips and, in some cases, what tech is already unlocked.  This means that if you don't really care about some techs (such as armour dyes) you don't need to unlock these, or can unlock these later.  This also seems to be an in dev system with some of the higher tier techs displayed as coming soon.

Tech tree for Valley crucible
With the removal of the essence, the crucible improvements (factories, available power and boost spots) have had to be reworked.  To unlock these you will need to use crucible modules (formerly datakeys) in the improvements screen.  This is accessed by interacting with the crucible and shows the various improvements available for the current crucible.  A couple of the key things to note here are that you camp power does not increase by 1 after each siege as it did previously, but you can buy 5 power for 2 modules, and also that rather than having to buy each boost spot individually you can now buy, for example, the damage boost spots as one unlock

The final change in the crucible area relates to the changes to the crafting system.  You now cannot do equipment upgrades in the wild, but now need to use the upgrade station located near each monolith.  This is pretty easy to find as it uses what was originally the global storage container before the changes which made that accessible anywhere within the crucible area.  You can now also see the upgrade tree for the item rather than just your next upgrade, and get some additional information about what the benefits of upgrading are such as improved damage or different effects, for example the Corrosive Glaive will deal corrosion damage over time in addition to the physical damage from the impact.

Upgrade tree for fungal bident

There are also various other changes and new features which I'll touch upon in this section.

Telesites - With the removal of the datakeys as they functioned before (there are now more of the modules scattered in different locations) the telesites no longer require any special items to activate them.  This makes,in my opinion, a big QoL improvement as I now don't need to spend 15-20 minutes hunting for the datakeys to activate them.  There is also an improvement to the UI making it clearer and easier to select the tower you want to teleport to.  You are still limited by line of sight and can only teleport between active towers.  This means that once you activate a new crucible, the towers in the other crucible areas are deactivated.  The quick travel between crucibles is still possible through the crucible screen by clicking the crucible icon at the top of the window and selecting the discovered crucible you wish to travel to. 

One of the new creatures the Shield Bud
Outposts - As with the telesites, you now no longer need a special item to activate these.  This means that you simply interact with them as you would the primary crucibles rather than having to manufacture a condensor rig. 

Crafting - The crafting UI has been given a fresh look.  As mentioned, you now can't process upgrades through the standard crafting UI, but like upgrades it is also a lot easier to understand benefits of manufacturing new items. 

Making a fungal glaive
There are lots of other improvements and fixes and far too much to list, but you can view the changelog here

The update really lives up to the 'Game Changer' name.  The game is now a much more enjoyable experience for single player, with a major balancing pass and I would say that now is the best time so far to try it out.  If you're still no sure you can play it free on Steam now until October 21st and the game will have a massive 40% off on Steam until the October 28th making it a steal $8.99/£7.79/€8.99

Eden Rising: Supremacy (Game Changer Update) - Early Access Review Eden Rising: Supremacy (Game Changer Update) - Early Access Review Reviewed by Parcival on October 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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